Welcome to the symposium site "6th European Lunar Symposium"

The 6th European Lunar Symposium will take place at the Museum of Modern Art: Les Abattoirs, Toulouse, France.
This will be a 3 day workshop (May 14-16, 2018) with a welcome and registration cocktail on the evening of May 13, 2018.


This conference will build on the success of the previous European Lunar Symposiums (ELS) held in Berlin (2012), London (2014), Frascati (2015), Amsterdam (2016) and Munster (2017).
The sixth ELS will be held under the umbrella of the European nodes of the Virtual Institute for Solar System Exploration Research (SSERVI).

The global situation of lunar exploration propels the science of the moon back into the limelight. Current interests in the exploration of the Moon range from astronomical, astrophysical, geological, commercial, resource use, and strategic considerations to its use as an outpost for future human exploration of the solar system. One of the main objectives of this meeting is to bring together the interested European scientific community. In addition, international experts from countries engaged in launching lunar missions are also invited to attend this conference.

Oral presentations and posters for five major themes: "Science of the Moon", "Science on the Moon", "Science from the Moon", "Future Missions" and "Use of In-situ Resources" (ISRU) ".

The deposit of abstracts is open at this address:
You will be informed of the acceptance and you can then register from March 5th.

The number of participants is limited to 190 maximum which will be accepted in the order of their registration date. 

Dates limites et étapes

    • Opening submission of abstracts
      December 5, 2017

    • Deadline for submission of abstracts
      January 31, 2018

    • Opening of registrations
      March 5, 2018

    • Deadline for registration
      April 27, 2018

Welcome to Toulouse, the Pink City

Toulouse is situated in the south of France, at the northern tip of the Haute-Garonne département, between the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. 
This city tingles your spine with a Latin heat that inspires both its temperature and architecture. Toulouse is the 4th largest French city, in the heart of southwestern France. The town is ideally located halfway between the Pyrénées Mountains, the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. Toulouse is traversed by the Garonne River and the charming Canal du Midi

With its characteristic architecture, the city of Toulouse has earned the nickname "ville rose" or "pink city" due to the colour of the local building material traditionally used - terra cotta bricks. Toulouse is now one of Europe's high-tech cities with a large number of cutting-edge businesses in the aeronautic, IT and space industry, as well as many research institutes. 

The university, founded in 1229, is the third largest in France, one of the oldest in Europe. Major fields are Aeronautics, Electronics and Electrotechnics, Agronomy, Health Sciences and Earth and Planetary sciences.
Toulouse has been chosen to host the EuroScience Open Forum in 2018, becoming the European City of Science.
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